Idleness is to the Human Mind Like Rust is to Iron

I have the regular hobbies/past times of reading and watching movies (huge Bond fan) and also some less sedentary activities such as skiing and walking. But I also have digital passions too.

I run a Christmas things to see and do site called London for Christmas, launched in 2001, the site is still doing well. I've also dabbled in 3D design, video editing and most recently attempted a simple (and I mean simple, basic even) comic strip. I'm also quite interested in gaming, although prefer old school third/first person shooters like Splinter Cell and No One Lives Forever than console gaming. As part of my masters I looked at the effect of game type and screen size on game immersion.

  • London for Christmas

    The website I created back in 2001 and still run today. It is a guide to Christmas in London. Providing up to date festive listings, things to do, see and read.

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  • Who's Who?

    A short comic strip I created whilst participating in an online learning course.

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  • The Combined Effect of Screen Size and Game Type on Game Immersion

    This paper reports on a study to investigate the combined effect of these dimensions, in particular to determine whether a narrative-based game (believed to be more immersive) would mitigate any effect a small screen size had on game immersion.

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  • Ohh ... alright ...

    My first attempt at 3D design, this was created in 3D Studio Max.

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  • The Burglar

    My second attempt at 3D design, this was created in Maya.

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  • Carousel

    Also created in Maya, this piece involved a lot of intricate modelling.

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  • Star Wars Exhibition

    I've always enjoyed video editing and have created many family event videos, but this one is a little more accessible to people who are not members of my family!

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