QUX Tips

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Always wanted to do empathy mapping but weren't sure where to start? Never sure about the best questions to ask in a persona research interview? Uncertain about the difference between story mapping and storyboarding? What about task analysis?

You get the jist, hopefully these QUX (like what I did there?) Tips will help you. All QUX Tips are in pdf format.

  • Customer Journeys

    A customer journey map is a visual representation of the path to achieve a goal, from an individual’s perspective.

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  • Empathy Mapping

    An empathy map is a collaborative tool teams can use to gain a deeper insight into their users.

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  • Mental Models

    A mental model is the way in which a person views the world, the way they understand our product and how they would expect to interact with it.

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  • Personas

    A persona represents a typical group of users who have similar needs, experiences, behaviours, goals, attitudes and motivations.

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  • Persona Questionnaire

    What you should be asking when conducting research to understand your users and identify persona types.

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  • Story Mapping

    User story mapping is a useful way to see the big, clearer picture of your product backlog in agile development.

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  • Storyboards

    Storyboards help tell the UX story by effectively communicating a series of events and experiences from a user’s perspective.

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  • Task Analysis

    Task analysis is a method by which you learn how users perform their tasks, step-by-step, by observing them in action, without guidance or prompting.

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  • User Flows

    User flows are a map of the complete path that users follow to complete tasks in a product.

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  • Value Proposition Canvas

    The value proposition canvas is a tool that allows you to design, test, build and manage customer value propositions.

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